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Demolition Derby

The Butler County Fair is shaping up with lots of support. We have collected several sponsors that are adding to purse. 

We are adding more attractions to the event that are making more and more prizes and benefits for the drivers. If you are an experienced derby participant we encourage you to comment suggestions below.  

If you are a business owner and would like to contribute please contact us. We will are also open to creative ideas to promote your business.

This derby will grow until the day of the event with more opportunities to win.  

Flyer jpg

Download the Flyer Here

Derby Flyer 7-16

Welcome to the new site!

Thanks for stopping by the OFFICIAL website for Missouri’s Butler County Fair! We just wanted to let you know that the site is still being worked on and updated at this time. However, we wanted to get the site up so you can check out what we have so far ASAP! Check back here for frequent updates and feel free to browse the site as there’s still plenty to check out. Keep an eye out out on the Announcements here too for any important updates on scheduling, deadlines, events, and more.

Thanks again for your patience! For questions please call Jack at 573-718-0588.